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The scope of Geologia Sudetica extends over the whole range of geological studies carried out in the Sudetes and adjacent areas. Original papers on research in all fields of the geosciences concerned with this region are suitable. The submitted paper cannot be already published or be currently under consideration, either in part or in full, for publication elsewhere.
Papers will be reviewed by two referees and the editors’ decision about acceptance or rejection is final.
Papers including all figures, tables and references should not be longer than 60 double spaced manuscript pages.
Three copies of the text with tables and figures should be submitted. Generally no text formatting is allowed except for double-spacing, left-margin justification, empty lines to single out headings (hierarchy shown in Roman numerals in pencil in the left-hand margin), indentation to mark new paragraphs (no empty lines between paragraphs), and relevant usage of capitals and italics in the reference list.
The first text page should contain the title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s), their institutional address(es), key words, a running head and an abstract. Please, consult a recent issue for the style to be adopted while preparing the text.
The abstract should not be more than 300 words and should be informative, with a condensation of the results and interpretations, not a summary of the text.
The text should contain a statement of the problem, an indication of the approach taken, a report on data and observations, proposed interpretations and a discussion, and the conclusions reached.
The list of references should be double-spaced, without indentations, following the journal style. If in doubt, see the Polish version of these instructions and a recent issue. For example:
BADHAM, J. P. N., 1982. Strike-slip orogens - an explanation for the Hercynides. Journal Geological Society London, 139: 493-504.
CWOJDZIŃSKI, S., MŁYNARSKI, S., DZIEWIŃSKA, Ł., JÓŹWIAK, W., ZIENTARA, P. & BAZIUK, T., 1995. GB-2A - pierwszy sejsmiczny profil głębokich badań refleksyjnych (GBS) na Dolnym Śląsku. [GB-2A - First seismic profile of the deep reflection study in Lower Silesia (SW Poland)]. Przegląd Geologiczny, 43: 727-37.
DEWEY, J. F., RYAN, P. D. & ANDERSEN, T. B., 1993. Orogenic uplift and collapse, crustal thickness, fabrics and metamorphic changes: the role of eclogites. In: Prichard, H. M, Alabaster, T. & Harris, C. R. (Eds.), Magmatic Processes and Plate Tectonics, Geological Society Special Publications, 76: 325-343.
References in the text should be of the form: (Badham, 1982; Dewey et al., 1993; Badham & Dewey, 1998).
Figures, whether vectorized computer-produced or hand-drawn, should be prepared to fit exactly, after being reduced, the width of the column (84 mm), or of the page (174 mm), and must not exceed the page size (244x174 mm). Glossy prints of photographs are treated as text-figures (width of a single or double column) and all should be numbered serially with Arabic numerals. All figures must have a metric bar scale shown.
In the final version the proposed location of figures and tables and the desired hierarchy of headings marked by Roman numerals should be indicated with pencil in the left-hand margin. Originals of all figures are to be submitted with the revised final version of the manuscript.
Forty offprint copies of each paper will be available and sent to authors free of charge.