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Geologia Sudetica

Vol. 38 (2006)

The acid metavolcanic rocks of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome (Sudetes): their origin and tectono-metamorphic evolution
Mentor Murtezi
Geologia Sudetica, 38: 1-38. |  Abstract  |  PDF - Full-text Article

Fractional crystallization, mafic replenishment and assimilation in crustal magma chambers: geochemical constraints from the Permian post-collisional intermediate-composition volcanic suite of the North-Sudetic Basin (SW Poland)
Marek Awdankiewicz
Geologia Sudetica, 38: 39-61. |  Abstract  |   PDF - Full-text Article

Syntectonic Lower Ordovician migmatite and post-tectonic Upper Viséan syenite in the western limb of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, West Sudetes: U-Pb SHRIMP data from zircons
Andrzej Żelaźniewicz, Izabella Nowak, Alexander N. Larionov & Sergey Presnyakov
Geologia Sudetica, 38: 63-80. |  Abstract  |   PDF - Full-text Article

81-85.       PDF - Full-text Article

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