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Geologia Sudetica

Vol. 32 (1999)

Vol. 32 (1)

The fabric of the Culm conglomerates in the eastern parts of the Nizký Jesenik and Drahany Uplands, eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif, the Czech Republic.
Havíř Josef
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (1): 1-11. Abstract

Volcanism in a late Variscan intramontane trough: Carboniferous and Permian volcanic centres of the Intra-Sudetic Basin, SW Poland.
Awdankiewicz Marek
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (1): 13-47. Abstract

A review of Rb-Sr isotope patterns in the Carboniferous granitoids of the Sudetes in SW Poland.
Kennan Pádhraig S., Dziedzic Helena, Lorenc Marek W. & Mierzejewski Michał P.
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (1): 49-53. Abstract

Granitoids of the Odra Fault Zone: late- to post-orogenic Variscan intrusions in the Saxothuringian Zone, SW Poland.
Oberc-Dziedzic Teresa, Żelaźniewicz Andrzej & Cwojdziński Stefan
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (1): 55-71. Abstract

Wojciech Roszak (1939-1999)
Staśko Stanisław
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (1): 73-74.

Vol. 32 (2)

Volcanism in a late Variscan intramontane trough: the petrology and geochemistry of the Carboniferous and Permian volcanic rocks of the Intra-Sudetic Basin, SW Poland.
Awdankiewicz Marek
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (2): 83-111. Abstract

Paleomagnetism and remagnetization of Upper Devonian synorogenic clastic sediments from the Pogorzała Formation (Świebodzice Depression, West Sudetes, Poland.
Kądziołko-Hofmokl Magdalena, Jeleńska Maria, Aifa Tahar, Edel Jean B. & Żelaźniewicz Andrzej
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (2): 113-126. Abstract

Pre-Late Devonian unconformity in the Kłodzko area excavated: a record of Eo-Variscan metamorphism and exhumation in the Sudetes.
Kryza Ryszard, Mazur Stanisław & Aleksandrowski Paweł
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (2): 127-137. Abstract

Low-hafnium zircon from alluvial and colluvial placeres of northern Bohemia: composition and possible sorces.
Ulrych Jaromír & Uher Pavel
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (2): 139-146. Abstract

Tunnel valleys and alluvial fans in the western Sudetic Foreland (southwestern Poland): the lithostratigraphy of Quaternary deposit.
Urbański Krzysztof
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (2): 147-161. Abstract

Dr. Marek Andrzej Piasecki (1931-1999)
Kryza Ryszard & Solecki Andrzej
Geologia Sudetica, 32 (2): 163-164.

Geologia Sudetica, 32 (2): 165-168.

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