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Geologia Sudetica

Vol. 31 (1998)

Vol. 31 (1)

Od redakcji
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 1.

Polyphase exhumation of eclogite-bearing high-pressure mica schists from the Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland.
Nowak Izabella
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 3-31. Abstract

Litologia i geneza zmetamorfizowanych skał osadowych i wulkanicznych jednostki Chełmca (Góry Kaczawskie).
[In Polish, with English Abstract and Summary]

[The lithology and origin of the metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks of the Chełmiec Unit (Góry Kaczawskie, Sudetes)]
Baranowski Zdzisław, Haydukiewicz Anna, Kryza Ryszard, Lorenc Stanisław, Muszyński Andrzej & Urbanek Zdzisława
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 33-59. Abstract

Latest Devonian conodonts from an olistolith in the northern part of the Góry Bardzkie, West Sudetes.
Haydukiewicz Joanna
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 61-68. Abstract

Fluvial sedimentology of the Biały Kamień Formation (Upper Carboniferous, Sudetes, Poland).
Kurowski Leszek
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 69-77. Abstract

Genesis and evolution of Sudetic late Hercynian volcanic rocks inferred from trace element modelling.
Dziedzic Kazimierz
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 79-91. Abstract

Orthogneisses and metapelites from a polyphase tectonic zone - mesostructural versus microstructural evidence: an example from the Czerniawa Zdrój section (Izera-Karkonosze Block, West Sudetes).
Czapliński Wojciech
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 93-104. Abstract

Mesostructural and kinematic characteristics of core gneisses in western part of the Orlica-¦nieżnik Dome, West Sudetes.
Dumicz Marian
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 105-111. Abstract

Marian Dumicz (1929-1998)
Don Jerzy
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 113-115.

Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 117.

Instrukcja dla autorów
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (1): 119-121.

Vol. 31 (2)

Krzyszkowski Dariusz
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 125-127.

Frederic Zeuner - a student's appreciation and appraisal.
Sutcliffe Anthony J.
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 129-132.

Late Cainozoic evolution of the Nysa Kłodzka river system between Kłodzko and Kamieniec Z±bkowicki, Sudetes Mts, southwestern Poland.
Krzyszkowski Dariusz, Przybylski Bogusław & Badura Janusz
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 133-155. Abstract

The preglacial fluvial deposits in the southern part of the Upper Nysa Depression, central Sudetes Mts, southwestern Poland.
Sroka Waldemar & Kowalska Anna
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 157-170. Abstract

The preglacial Nysa Kłodzka fluvial system in the Sudetic Foreland, southwestern Poland.
Przybylski Bogusław, Badura Janusz, Czerwonka Jerzy A., Krzyszkowski Dariusz, Krajewska Katarzyna & Kuszell Teresa
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 171-196. Abstract

Late Quaternary evolution of the Nysa Kłodzka river valley in the Sudetic Foreland, southwestern Poland.
Przybylski Bogusław
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 197-211. Abstract

Late Weichselian and Holocene development of the small valleys in the SE part of the Niemcza Hills, Sudetic Foreland, southwestern Poland.
Alexandrowicz Stefan Witold & Ciszek Dariusz
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 213-220. Abstract

The role of neotectonics in the Quaternary evolution of the landscape of the Sowie Mts, Sudetes, southwestern Poland.
Krzyszkowski Dariusz & Olejnik Wioletta
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 221-239. Abstract

Terraces of the Bystrzyca river valley, Middle Sudetes, and their deformation along the Sudetic Marginal Fault.
Krzyszkowski Dariusz & Biernat Jacek
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 241-258. Abstract

Late Quaternary evolution of the Czyżynka river valley, Wałbrzych Upland, Middle Sudetes Mts, southwestern Poland.
Krzyszkowski Dariusz
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 259-288. Abstract

Geomorphic evolution of the mountain front of the Sudetes between Dobromierz and Paszowice and adjacent areas, with particular reference to the fluvial systems.
Migoń Piotr, Krzyszkowski Dariusz & Gogół Katarzyna
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 289-305. Abstract

Geomorphological evidence of neotectonics in the Kaczawa sector of the Sudetic Marginal Fault, southwestern Poland.
Migoń Piotr & Łach Janusz
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 307-316. Abstract

The pre-Elsterian valley system in the Western Sudetes, southwestern Poland, and its later transformation.
Michniewicz Marek
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 317-328. Abstract

Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 329-333.

Instructions for Authors
Geologia Sudetica, 31 (2): 335.

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